March 22, 2010 | |

Thanks Maa- Review

At the onset, it’s important to state that Thanks Maa was made before Slumdog Millionaire. Its more-than-passing resemblance to the almighty, million-making tribute to Mumbai’s murkiest machinery is not to be passed off as a copy of what was undoubtedly entertaining, but not an original. Five street urchins weave expertly in and around Mumbai’s local trains, forming a tight team of pickpockets. The gang’s leaders are Soda (Salman) and Municipality Ghatkopar (Master Shams), while their other buddies include Dhed-Shana (Jaffer), Cutting (Fayyaz) and Sursuri (Almas). Following their misadventures, we leap through stunning, breathtaking visuals of the city’s filthiest innards, heart-in-mouth each time a kid almost gets killed, scavenging. Cinematographer Ajayan Vincent is as much to be credited with the film’s selling points as is director Irfan Kamal. The sweeping, gritty authenticity of an undeniably, ugly underbelly is recaptured superbly and thankfully for Indian cinema, locally, by the duo.... Read More.

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