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  1. You can keep updates with the latest happenings in Mumbai, know about all the kickass gigs and workshops happening all over Mumbai.
  2. Get reviews for the latest movies and plays
  3. If you have seen a movie and want to post a review...go for it and in return you will win loyalty points which you redeem at places with WhereCity tie-ups.
  4. Get to know Mumbai better with the heritage and culture articles
  5. Get to know about the best places in Mumbai to eat be it Masala Bhel or Vodka Pani-puri, whatever your budget, we got a place for you to eat.
  6. Get exclusive gifts and offers at the latest burger joints, spas and salons 
  7. If you feel like giving back some love, get info on how you can help out, make a difference with the WhereCity causes page.

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