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WhereCity.com - Restaurants and Bars - Le Soleil Energy Cafe & Lounge

A fitness-freak’s dream come true, Le Soleil, Energy Cafe & Lounge, has a mouth-wateringly fresh menu. Multi-grain pancakes, salads, paninis, ciabattas, wholewheat pizzas and wraps, vibrant high- energy drinks, pro-biotic yoghurt, tofu, oysters, water chestnuts, wheatgrass and flax-seed meals, all make their way into their extremely healthy food options. Hot favourites are the multi-grain fibre crunch (a salad of cous-cous, barley and unpolished rice, combined with cheese and vegetables); Read more...

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WhereCity.com - Articles - Pune Highway

Rage Production’s Pune Highway is a telling account of the dynamic of friendships. The play’s plot chalks out the aftermath of a murder on the Pune Highway. The victim’s three friends Promod, Vishnu and Nicholas find refuge from the incident at the squalid ‘Hotel Moonligt’, where they go through a spectrum of guilt, nostalgia, laughter, fear and aggression. To add to their woes, Promod’s fling Mona, daughter of politico Sanjay Mansekar threatens them with letting on their secret. What follows are a series of what-nexts.
Pune Highway, is a relatively gripping and lively play with many twists and turns punctuated with social commentary, language related jokes, one-liners and other devices used to elicit humour. While they work at one level, they also take away from the play’s main thread. The act has none of the urgency or murkiness that follows murder and you wonder if these three men have genuinely lost a friend to murder or if they are just three friends, making confessions and conversations, on a casual outing. Read more...

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WhereCity.com - Articles - Sarnath Banerjee

He spruced up Indian English Literature with his debut graphic novel, Corridor and charmed us with his whacky pathos and sunshine satire. The helmsman of the Indian Graphic novel, Sarnath Banerjee, talks about art, fiction, fact and form as his much anticipated text, The Harappa Files finally arrives in stores.

‘Corridor’ your first graphic novel took the country by storm. By then the genre was fairly well-known. What led to writing one?
I felt a certain existential restlessness that was characteristic of my generation who were trying to find form. What was being churned out was insufficient. My stories required a different language, that of image and text, without either of which the story would be tonally incomplete. Text and image could well bring out the restlessness symptomatic of my generation. That was my contribution to storytelling.

You have a distinctive comical-critical commentary at the crux of your texts. What do you attribute that to? Read more...

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