January 18, 2011 | |

Gary Lawyer

More on the man with a soulful voice
The only professional western singer of India sits comfortably on his sofa, right knee crossed over left leg, in his ancient and beautiful Art Deco style home on Carmichael Road, South Bombay. He apologises for not being entirely himself - “My work is primarily nocturnal, I feel better in the evenings,” says Gary Lawyer.

Lawyer knew he couldn’t not be a musician; his involvement with his passion was so complete. When he began his career, singing at showcase theatres and nightclubs in New York in 1977, familial circumstances forced him to reconsider. Home bound, Gary gave up his green card to return to Bombay in 1983. An impromptu gig later, Lawyer was flooded with offers from advertising and music agencies. Read more...

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