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Barry John

Theatre Musings and more by the teacher, theatre artiste and actor.

Four decades ago, a twenty two year old man, newly graduated from Leeds University, responded to a ‘volunteer service ad’ in the paper. For not so much money, the job offered the position of an English teacher in Coimbatore, India, and a bicycle. He moved from a first world country to the third world. This was 1968.

India has been home for Barry John ever since. 

“It was the Sixties, the hippie era of The Beatles, Ravi Shankar and Flower Power. I had been teaching drama in a school for the past year, and since ‘Drama’ wasn’t really thought of as a subject at the time, I was pissed off with the institution. I was aching to be associated with acting, and to get out, really. And I had read the Upanishads and Vedas. Shakuntala had been my final project in college. Read more...

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