April 1, 2010 | |

Call of the wild: Sanctuary Asia

Sanctuary Asia, India's leading wildlife, conservation and environment magazine, was started by Editor Bittu Sahgal in 1981 to raise awareness among Indians of their disappearing natural heritage. The overwhelming response to the magazine led to the birth of Sanctuary Cub, a children's nature magazine, in 1984 and to The Ecologist Asia (Indian edition of The Ecologist, U.K.) a journal dedicated to the issues of the environment, development and human rights, in 1993. In the 1980s, Sanctuary Films produced two wildlife/conservation serials aired on Doordarshan, India's national television network. The first, Project Tiger, was a documentary while the other, Rakshak, was a narrative serial for children. The films were shot on 16 mm. and the Sanctuary team visited virtually every wildlife haven in India (stock footage available on request). In the early 1990s, Sanctuary's scope expanded. We began to reach out to larger numbers through the syndication of articles. Sanctuary Features was born and it used the mainstream press to put forward alternate views on wildlife and development issues. Features covered a variety of subjects including travel, science, health, nutrition and the politics of development. Sanctuary Features is now also a leading content provider for websites interested in the above subjects. Read More.

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