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Mazgaon, Girgaum, what's the difference?

Know your neighbourhood names

Living in Mumbai, you might have wondered about the origins of names of neighbourhoods. Listed below are some of them, researched from must-read books like City of Gold by Gillian Tindall and Anchoring a City Line by Rahul Mehrotra and Sharada Dwivedi.

The list below is incomplete and to be continued…

The name is derived from
- Maza Gaon – which means ‘my village’ in Marathi
- Maccha Grama – meaning ‘fishing village’
Mazagaon was an ancient Portuguese township which now houses the Sales Tax office as well as the Mathapacady village, a heritage ‘quartier’ with quaint houses struggling to survive beside the huge, ugly skyscrapers in the neighbourhood. Mazagaon was one of the original seven islands that Mumbai comprised of.
It is very close to the Dockyard Road railway station.

This name was derived from the fig trees which must have been growing in abundance in the creek.
Umbar (a fruit from the fig family) and khadi (creek).
This neighbourhood is near Dongri.

This locality was named........

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