March 25, 2010 | |

Love Happens- Review

Love Happens is a formulistic, mainstream Hollywood studio movie, deceptively disguised as a romantic comedy, when it is actually a drama. Widower Bruke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart) writes a self-help book in order to come to terms with his wife’s death, which becomes a runaway success. He hits the peak of fame; people recognise him everywhere he goes, he headlines self-help seminars for those coping with the loss of loved ones and gets corporate sponsorship deals. It’s during these seminars that he realises he hasn’t overcome the demons of his past. One day, Bruke bumps into Eliose (Jennifer Aniston), a modern day flower child who knows how to operate cherry pickers and takes pleasure in writing words like ‘poppysmic’ and ‘quidnunc’ behind paintings in hotel lobbies. In a distorted way they... Read More.

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