March 24, 2010 | |

Hamlet, The Clown Prince- Play Review

In 1969, William Willeford made the suggestion that Shakespeare’s character, Hamlet, was actually one of his fools. A few decades later, Cinematograph offers us Hamlet, The Clown Prince where not only the title character but all the characters are clowns.
Known for clowning around, Rajat Kapoor and Atul Kumar reincarnate the Bard’s classic with piquancy. In this pastiche, the clowns from The Clown Theatre Company prepare to stage The Tragedy of Hamlet. Gibberish and kinesics form the crux of a side-splitting script. Wit, intellectual repartee, ignorant ribaldry, double entendres and all forms of comic surprise evoke the spectator’s mirth so often that audience laughter and applause are almost a part of the play’s texture.

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