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Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) belongs to a rare species of bird known as the Spix Macaw. Neatly tucked into an urban lifestyle in snowy Minnesota with bookstore owner Linda (Leslie Mann), Blu is a far away from home — the jungles of Rio de Janeiro. Domesticated Blu, can brush his teeth and read a book but does not know how to fly.
Soon enough, Blu’s species is on the decline and he has to mate. Linda and Blu who have led a sheltered life, take the plunge and travel to Rio where Blu meets a female Spix Macaw, Jewel (Anne Hathaway). As cultures clash, it’s hate at first sight. The two bond however, while escaping the clutches of poachers who try to make a quick buck by selling exotic birds.
Rio starts with a bang. Exotic birds swoosh in front of your eyes, thanks to the 3D graphics. The rest of the film is in the similar vein — musical and fast-paced. Read more...

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