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It was in the late 80s when the rock culture of the west slowly spread its tentacles in India. Then while most of bands played covers, there was one which stuck to writing and producing originals- Greek; the brainchild of Adam and Eddie Avil. After a couple of years, Greek was renamed Pralay. Fortunately, the passion and originality remained intact. From being banned at I Rock to being considered for a Grammy and being the inspiration for Anurag Kashyap'smovie Paanch, Pralay has come a long way.
Now, the band is back in action. Adam Avil, the lead guitarist/vocalist of Pralaytalks to us about his passion and future plans with the band.
You played at I-Rock last year after a gap of almost 10 years. What was it like?
It was great being a part of the 25th anniversary of I Rock. There were some 6000 people at the venue, the best attendant for Indian acts. I guess as it was a free concert. Nevertheless, the community knows we are back in the business. As the younger crowd yet needs to identify with our music we are going to play anywhere and everywhere.
The band has a complete new line-up except for you. Does the music change too?
The band has always been Eddie and me in terms of content. Our earlier line-up had Luke, Joy, Ulysses, Brian, Victor and Vishesh.Suraj Jagan sang mainly in the studio. The content and vision has always been from Avil brothers. Since Eddie is not part of the band now, the responsibility is doubled. The new sound is a little heavier with a lot of Indian classical riffs/vocals and arrangements.
Pralay was famous for its notoriety. Is the anger still the same or has it sobered down? Read more

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