March 18, 2011 | | - Articles - Krazy Electrons

Redefining genres!

The Electronic music scene is buzzing these days and it’s not just west that is lending these eclectic tunes. India too has got some great Electronic artists and bands to call its own. One such group, making the clubbers groove, is Mumbai based Krazy Electrons. Within a year of its inception, Krazy Electrons is already topping the charts on global sites like Reverbnation and has a huge fan following on various social networking sites.
While studying engineering in Delhi, I used to listen to Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Paul Van Dyk and was always intrigued by the electronic sounds and fx. I started learning the nuances of this genre and played as DJ at Club Elevate in Delhi. But the idea of producing music live was something that drifted me towards laptop based music. I always dreamt of forming an electronic band,” says Chatty (Chaitanya), a laptop musician. Read more...

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