December 11, 2010 | |

Aaj Rang Hai Play

At the heart of the play is a charming baithak singer Beni Bai, who dispenses to her neighbours-advice, music lessons and anecdotes. She spins episodes from the life of Hazrat Amir Khusrau that resonate with incidents occurring in her own surroundings. 

The play embraces many themes- the quest for love (Ishq), the social function of language (Khari Boli& English) and eventually, the discovery of oneself and of God. Examples of Rang (holi) celebrations at the shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya, and Hazrat Khusrau's love for Hindustan, underline the theme of religious tolerance.
Writers Purva and Vijay Naresh create, with success a piquant plot, well-rounded characters, a quaint setting and crisp dialogue.Trishla Patel excels as Beni; while Ahlam Khan plays with eloquence and pep, the eccentric pan-chewing bua; Nishi Doshi and Pritika Chawla add life to the parts of wide-eyed Ameena and Vidya; Imran Rashid sparkle as the comic foil Munnu Mamma;Gagan Riar makes a zany and well-timed teacher of English; Pawan Uttam plays an honest lover (Fakhruddin); Purva Nareshenthralls you with her display of Deval and Sharda adding zest to some sensitively choreographed dance sequences.

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