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How prepare the perfect Sangria

Summer sun, evening ocean breezes, splashes of intense heat – take time to cool your heels. Experiment during this season with unusual beverages from the world over. We present the Sangria, a popular drink across many countries.

Sangria is a wine punch. It first originated in Spain and Portugal. The word is derived from Spanish; sangre means blood. A typical Sangria is a fruit-filled wine beverage and consists of red wine, chopped or sliced fruit, honey or orange juice, a tinge of brandy, triple sec or other spirits and lastly, lemonade or a soft drink. If white wine is used instead of red, the punch is called Sangria Blanca. In the south of Spain, Sangria is called zurra and is created with peach or nectarine.

The preparation of Sangria consists of adding sliced or chopped fruit to the mix of wine, sweetener and spirits, without the ice or soft drinks. The mixture is placed in a refrigerator for several hours, sometimes overnight, to allow the flavours to mix thoroughly. Then it’s taken out of the fridge and ice and some amount of soft drinks are added to taste.

In Spain, Sangria is served throughout the country during summer and around the year in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

Ravi Aley, Bar Manager at Villa 39 shares an easy to prepare Sangria recipe with WhereCity.

To check the recipe, swig over to:

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