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Save the Tiger Fund.

About WSPI
The WILDLIFE PROTECTION SOCIETY OF INDIA (WPSI) was established in 1994. The Founder and Executive Director is Belinda Wright, the renowned tiger conservationist and wildlife campaigner, who has spent over thirty-five years working on wildlife issues in India. From its inception, the Society's primary aim has been to bring a new focus to tackling India's growing wildlife crisis. WPSI does this by providing support and information to government authorities to combat poaching and the escalating illegal wildlife trade - particularly in wild tigers. The tenacious efforts of the WPSI team have resulted in the arrest of hundreds of wildlife criminals throughout the subcontinent and in the development of important new conservation strategies. Over the years WPSI has broadened its focus to cover human-animal conflict involving tigers, leopards and elephants. The Society also supports conservation projects throughout the country on subjects as varied as elephant corridors, and a campaign to save the olive ridley sea turtle off the coast of Orissa. Site-specific projects include assistance in Sundarban, Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba, Corbett, and Satkosia Gorge Tiger Reserves. Read More.

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