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Mumbai- White Water Rafting at Kundalika River, Kolad

An Aquatic Adventure of a Lifetime

140 km from Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Even with all its charm, the city cannot convince you to spend yet another weekend with her. Like always, the options for many are the tourist populated regions of Lonavala, Khandala or Matheran. By now, you know that you can walk faster than the mini-train and that the corn bhajiyas at Lion Point are overpriced! Consider the town of Kolad, an undiscovered find located on the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. It is almost 140 km from Mumbai and a two hour drive from Chembur. The river Kundalika originating from Bhira flows through Kolad into the Arabian Sea. Kundalika is fed excess water from Tata Power’sMulshi Dam Project, which then flows to a number of smaller dams. The water is released every morning at about 6 am and reaches Kolad by about 10 am. This schedule has made the Kundalika riverbed the perfect circuit for river rafting ......

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