March 22, 2010 | |

Bombay Port Trust Gardens (BPT) Colaba, Mumbai

I engaged in a bit of ambling today.. at my favourite 12 acre garden by the sea.. I contemplated stretching, some yoga poses, sitting down with eyes closed and feeling the whiplash of breeze – winter's last pangs.. but the body was going into ambling mode.. and i don't like to stop the body.. because it is the vehicle to my soul. I had just messaged a friend, indicating i wanted to walk on wet earth, barefoot. i crossed the first grass mound (those who know the BPT garden at Colaba will know what i'm talking about) and hit the second.. to crash into a rather long hose pipe, the length of a reticulated python.. I gingerly walked along the length of the python to get my feet as wet as could be.. perhaps the earth was not as porous today, or perhaps the mud was soaked to the point of overflow.. little wading pools had formed across the grass and even tiny rivulets of water.. so i followed the course, blithely.... Read More.

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