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A look at: Babulnath Temple Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that has been blessed by the presence of a large number of temples of historic significance. Of these, Babulnath Temple is perhaps one of the most venerated temples of the city. Its convenient location at the end of Marine Drive, just a little south of Malabar Hill, makes it an easy and a very tranquil stopover for the rushed life of the inhabitants of the city. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The name Babulnath means ‘Lord of the Babul Tree’, as Lord Shiva is also sometimes referred to as. The babul tree belongs to the Acacia family of plants. It is a thorny tree commonly found in low lying areas and is also known as ‘Kikar’ in several parts of the country. Though the tree grows in the wild, its components find use in several Ayurvedic medicines. The temple is thought to have been built around 1780 by Raja Bhimdev. Though the king’s antecedents are somewhat vague, some say he might have belonged to the dynasty of Yadavs in Deogiri. His capital was Mahikawati (Mahim for Mumbaiites) and his palace and a court of justice was in Prabhadevi. Read More.

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