March 22, 2010 | |

The Book of Eli- Review

With its engrossing quest motif (Eli’s heroic journey), theme of archetypal conflict between creative and destructive forces (embodied in Eli and Carnegie), the hook of a closely guarded secret (the book) and the universal encapsulation of a post-Holocaust setting, The Book of Eli has the makings of an infallible film. This potential is, however, smothered beneath a superficial screenplay, implausible details and overall ambiguity.
The film falls into several genres – it is a cross between sci-fi, a clandestine Western and a parable (with its prophet eventually stumbling into the prized Promise Land). The cinematography is delirious (with colour abruptly injected and pumped out of predominant, ashen greys) and so is the film’s jumpy pace. Read More.

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