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Amidst the various heritage monuments that dot the cityscape of south Mumbai,The Town Hall is perhaps the most royal and elegant. Its magnificent façade is awe inspiring and finds place in almost all tourist destination travel planners and Mumbai promotional brochures. Hardly anybody misses the pristine whiteness and imposing elevation of the building, with numerous stairs leading to it, in popular ‘Bollywood’ movies.
The building is neo-classical in architectural classification and is heavily influenced by Greek and Roman styles. Colonel Thomas Cowper of the Bombay Engineers is said to have designed it keeping in mind the ultimate purpose of the building. The building was required to house not only the civic offices but also a library and a museum. Colonel Cowper, however, did not live long enough to see his design evolve into a fine architectural piece in 1833.
The building that took 10 years and about 500,000 pounds to complete is at least 200 feet long and 100 feet deep. It is located in the prime Fort area of South Mumbai overlooking the Horniman Circle Gardens and the Reserve Bank of India. The Grecian portico with eight Doric columns forms the façade. A flight of 30 steps leading up to the building completes the royal look of this heritage monument. The Regency staircase in the building is divided by wrought iron and leads to the vestibule. The Durbar Hall personifies the majestic past of India as it was, while the easy chairs in the Periodical Rooms complete with matching footstools provide an unparalleled reading experience fit for the rich and the royal. Read more...

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