June 15, 2010 | |

In the Dhol Drums

Arts in Motion Dance Studio is known for staging, innovating and exploring distinctive forms of live art. This cultural hub embraces music, theatre and fitness along with dance. One of its many offerings is a captivating mode of self-expression called Drum Circle. Historically traced back to a form of tribal community exercise, circle drumming is considered to be both cathartic and unifying.
Aanchal Gupta, director/founder, Arts in Motion, introduces us to the urban variant of this activity that is practiced at her studio. "Relatively unknown in Mumbai, it is an exhilarating exercise. It involves a group of people in a relaxed setting, surrounding a variety of musical instruments (mainly percussion). They are headed by a facilitator who leads them gradually towards a controlled, rhythmic beat.”
Evidently, a group of people who are absolute strangers instantaneously convert into a group of equals, who work together to achieve the common aim of creating music. What emerges is the progression from me to we and positive reverberations that fill up the studio and balm the soul.
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