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The BEST Transport Museum, Anik Depot, Wadala Mumbai

The BEST Museum, ever!
The sun had begun to catch up with the city streets, when a bus appeared on the horizon, leaving behind a trail of dust and dried leaves. It swiftly approached me and I climbed in. Seeing the conductor relax on one of the seats, I inquired about the places around that were worth a visit; he mentioned the BEST Bus Museum with ridicule. After buying a ticket to Anik Depot in Wadala, I settled down and awaited this unheard destination. Inside the vast depot, under a shed, I interrupted the merry conversation that a few employees were engaged in, to ask about the museum’s location. I was told I would need special permission to visit the depository and was asked to leave the premises. Thankfully, an old watchman overheard our conversation and redirected me to gate number 3.
I met Mr. Chawalkar, the clerk managing the facility who welcomed my arrival. He swiftly moved through the wooden doors, switching on all the exhibits and antique fans that lined the dusty but vast halls of the museum. Located right beside the BEST mascot was a huge exhibit which featured scaled representations of all the bus depots in Mumbai. The walls were filled with cobwebs, old photographs and cuttings that were properly medaled with names and designations. Soon, all was set for my tour to begin.
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